Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Home, I am writing about my photos taken during my stay in Japan. The Historical Village of Shirakawago. A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Shigowa, located between Gifu and Takayama Prefectures North of Japan.

The village is well known for its Gassho Style houses. Gassho-zukuri means “prayer hands construction style”. If we looked closely of the design of the roof of the houses, its steep and resembles a praying hands and the design is hand made thatching and was made to withstand heavy snowfall.

I have seen photos of the village while it is being submerged in thick snow and its magical. I visited the place during summer so lash of greens surrounds the area with rice paddies but I still wish I can visit the Village again on Winter Season. But for now, I am contented with the memories of the entire villages and houses and for some who called it their “home”.


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One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Lovely photo and lovely words!

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